March Chip of the Month

Updated: March 8, 2014

Chip of the Month for March is:







Pros: Great snack type of chip. Versatile, can go with a sandwich, hot dog, burger or as a stand-alone by itself. Comes in small bag and large bag variety.

Cons: Greasy, can be a little too greasy at times. Can eat too many of them in one sitting.

Place to Purchase: Best off purchasing at a Superstore or Pricemart where the average Ruffles price is less than $3.00 per big bag. Tend to avoid
IGA/Safeway pricing which can get into the high $4-$6 range.

Perfect Chip Eating Scenario: At Lunch with a Sub Sandwich or Dinner with a Burger/Dog while Camping.

Beverage to pair with: Any Carbonated Beverage you Desire.

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