February Chip of the Month

Updated: February 21, 2014

Chip of the Month for February:


Pros: Incredible Crunch, Prolonged Heat, Can’t eat too many at one sitting so limits intake. Comes in Small Grab Size bags and goes great with a Sub Sandwich due to the heat.

Cons: Need a Beverage when consuming. The Heat can be too much. Expensive ($3.99-$5.25 a Bag)

Place to Purchase: Best off purchasing at any supermarket as the regular price on a bag is usually around $3.99. Can get up into high $4’s-Low $5’s at premium outlets/gas stations.  Look to pay no more than $1.49 for smaller grab bag.

Perfect Chip Eating Scenario: Goes great with any sort of sandwich meal.

Beverage to pair with: Ideally a Root Beer, however, Root Beer isn’t readily available so then Coke is a great substitute. A wild card drink would also be Fanta Orange Soda with the Jalapeno’s as it’s surprisingly a great pair.

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