NHL: Round Two Musings

Updated: May 12, 2014

Bruins/Canadians (3-3)
– I didn’t see this series going to 7 after the Habs squandered their chance to win game 2. Props to them for capitalizing on their chances
– PK Subban has really shown a complete game here. Because of his improvement on the defensive end (eye test), he is that much harder to play against because you have to worry about his speed through the neutral zone and his point shot
– Carey Price:

I don’t have anything else to say.

– Tukka Rask has looked good but not great
– In the long run I think the Bruins ‘bad guy’ style will work. That’s why I don’t see them changing their style of play whether its vs a smaller opponent like the Canadians or vs a grittier tea like the Rangers

Ranger/Penguins (3-3)
– Where did this game 7 come from? I’m pretty sure the Rangers were done, and M.A. Fleury finding his game was all the Pens needed to cruise into the conference finals
– Crosby along with Malkin plus the supporting cast have had no space to create. No excuse. Most series are tight checking and you need to find a way to win more puck battles and get a few gross goals around the net
– Crosby has been fairly average, an it’s fair to criticize him. But if you are a Pens fan, just remember what he has done for your franchise. He’s raised the bar extremely high.
– if you’re looking to blame someone, look at Shero for not addressing more needs at the trade deadline
– The Rangers have gotten a great boost from The St. Louis story. Not sure if there is ‘extra motivation’ but if there was an argument for it there it is

Hawks/Wild (3-2)
– I figured this series would be a 7 gamer with the Hawks prevailing
– Bryzgalov has actually looked quite composed in net, enough so to probably net himself a job next season
– Parise, Suter and their large contracts actually seem to have value at this point. Just two elite players playing some tough minutes and giving the Hawks all they can handle
– Jonathan Toews, is arguably the best player in the world (Getzlaf/Crosby). Not only is he scoring such timely goals, but he is so hard to defend all over the ice

Ducks/Kings (3-2)
– I’m going to admit, after the kings went up 2-0 I thought this was done; I didn’t think much of the Ducks depth
– Nick Bonino, and Smith-Pelly to name a few, are providing the second wave that the Ducks need to get over the hump
– Where is Mike Richards? Seriously what happened to him. The Kings may need him to show up in games 6 and 7

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