NFL Draft 2015: 1st Round Talent

Updated: April 12, 2015

NFL Draft 2015: 1st Round Talent

Joe Marconato

The top end talent in the 2015 draft rivals last years. Where the difference lies, however, is high-end depth. The rumours of Chip Kelly’s Eagles trading up may be valid, but the cost is going to be exorbitant. The difference from pick 6 to pick 20 is larger then usual. I do believe we will see the return of the first round running back with either Gurley or Gordon going in the first if not both. But there will be reaches on guys like Alvin Dupree and DJ Humphries, elite athletes whose production does not match. If I am picking in the top 13 I am only trading down for an absolute ransom. In saying that here are the players I give first round grades to.



  1. DT Leonard Williams- A carbon copy of Richard Seymour. He’s athletic enough to play defensive end and strong enough to play 3 technique. Scheme versatility makes him so valuable. The most complete interior defensive line prospect since Suh.  NFL Comparison- Richard Seymour


  1. QB Jamies Winston- His Seminoles may have been beat by Mariota’s Ducks, but when watching that game it was obvious who was the better NFL prospect. Winston’s accuracy is effortless. He throws WR open. If not for the maturity issues he would be the number one prospect. At the most important position in the game you can’t have questions about commitment. In saying that, he will go 1st NFL Comparison- Ben Roethlisberger


  1. WR Kevin White- Big physical, fast and runs every route. There were some confidence issues early in his college career; those issues disappeared in his final season at West Virginia. A complete WR who play angry. NFL Comparison- Julio Jones


  1. WR Amari Cooper- Cooper and White grade out almost identically. It’s really a matter of preference on which goes higher. Cooper is more polished, a better route runner and is a bit more explosive on the field and is unafraid to go over the middle. The second of three elite WR prospects in this draft. NFL Comparison- Reggie Wayne


  1. DE/OLB Dante Fowler JR- Fowler is a beast, he will play the run as well as he plays the pass. A non-stop motor. When watching Florida play it was quickly apparent who Fowler was on the field. He is powerful, explosive and extremely athletic. Fowler and Vernon Hargreaves made a once proud Florida team at least decent to watch. NFL Comparison- Terrel Suggs


  1. QB Marcus Mariota- Upon quick look one may think Mariota has tumbled down the rankings. But really 3-6 is interchangeable, all of these prospects are elite. Mariota is everything the 49ers wished Kaepernick was. An elite athlete with a big arm, who cannot only throw rockets but also float in touch passes. A safer pick then Winston because you know he will show up. I would have no problem with Mariota going at two to the Titans. After all, the need for QB trumps all. NFL Comparison- Colin Kaepernick


  1. WR Devante Parker- This dude even looks like AJ Green. I honestly do not think the gap between him and the top two is as big as others think. I would not even really have a problem with him going above those guys. At 6’3 210 he ran a 4.45, that’s elite deep threat speed and size. If not for his early season injury he may be even higher. My boy Teddy (but he has small hands) Bridgewater is praying he and Parker can reunite. NFL Comparison- AJ Green


  1. DE Shane Ray- As explosive a first step as there is in the NFL. Plays with a fierce competiveness. Slightly undersized and might not be an every down end in the NFL. However, the ability to get to the QB is so valuable. I could see him playing a similar role to Anthony Barr and Khalil Mack.. NFL Comparison- Von Miller


  1. DE Randy Gregory- Unbelievable length and athleticism. But lacks polish. He is very lean and reportedly played at 218 pounds this year. His talent is undeniable. But the question is, is he Aldon Smith or is he Dion Jordan. He is a top 10 pick based on upside but the failed drug test will hurt him. NFL Comparison- Aldon Smith


  1. DT Danny Shelton- Ideal fit for a 3-4 nose tackle. A massive run stopper that brings a little jump in the pass rush. Don’t let his 40 time trick you, he has deceiving athleticism for a big man. Plus did you see those quads. NFL Comparison- Haloti Ngata


  1. CB Trae Waynes- Long lanky corner who fits the prototype. Ran a surprisingly fast 40. In the NFL long lanky corners that run sub 4.4 go in the top half of the first round. Michigan State has produced some great defences on the strength of strong CB play. Trae Waynes was the best of the bunch. NFL Comparison- Carlos Rogers


  1. OLB- Vic Beasley- moderately overrated right now. Some have him going in the top 5. While I don’t agree with this, I think he definitely could go top 10. Explosive and strong but it does not always translate on the field. Very similar to Anthony Barr last year. Could very well transition from the edge rusher to more of a weakside chase linebacker. NFL Comparison- Bruce Irvin


  1. OG Brandon Scherff- I did not make a mistake here, I do see Scherff as a guard an elite guard but a guard.  He lacks a bit in athleticism but can play outside if necessary. On the plus side, he is an absolute beast in the run game. He runs defenders over and is more then athletic enough to pull. Could really make the difference in the run game for a team. NFL Comparison- Zach Martin



This is the line in my opinion, while there are talent that could validate first round selection there is significant concern with all of them.  The top 13 are the only players I would put a sure fire first round grade on. The next 5 closest


OT Andrus Peat- ultra athletic, but on the field it just wasn’t there. Complete opposite of Scherff, athletically it’s all there but physicality and toughness is not.


RB Todd Gurley- If not for the knee injury he would be top 5. An absolute beast Marshawn Lynch JR. The team that can afford the risk could have the best RB in the NFL in a couple years.


WR Dorial Green Beckham- Another unbelievable athlete. But the character issues are a huge red flag. Didn’t play at all last year. But at 6’6 245 he could be a nightmare.


RB Melvin Gordon- A great college career, he has short area burst and balance that matches any NFL player. But his 40 was disappointing, he as questionable patience/vision. His work load in college was so heavy.


SS Landon Collins- Has tested similar to Clinton Dix but is not Clinton Dix. He is much more of a downhill safety that can struggle in coverage. Lacks recovery speed, in the right system he could be a pro bowler; in the wrong one he could be lost.

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