10 Thoughts on Seahawks 28-26 Loss to the Rams

Updated: October 19, 2014

10 Thoughts on the Seahawks State of Affairs after losing 28-26 to the Rams:

  1. Russell Wilson was at his best in this game. First QB to ever throw for 300+ and rush for 100+ yards in a game. He lead the team on 3 straight TD drives in the 2nd half all of them 80+ yards or more. Too bad the Defense couldn’t get the ball back for him at the end of the game.
  2. Percy Harvin meant less to the offense then anyone knows. The Seahawks pass catchers stepped up in a big way in this game making plays all over the field. Removing Harvin from the team was a shock to everyone but I think the WR’s proved in this start that they are up to the challenge.
  3. Offensive Penalties are still a problem. Seattle had a TD called back and a long Lynch run called back on holding penalties and had 6 Penalties on offense with 2 of them making a 3d and manageable into a 3d and long. When Seattle has 3d and 5 or less they have so many options with the way they run the offense. When they go into 3d and 8+ it takes the threat of run away and makes them predictable. They need to clean this up.
  4. Derrick Coleman the Seahawks starting and only FB on the roster broke his foot in pregame warmups and missed the game. Seattle runs a lot out of 2 back sets and as a result, Robert Turbin had to become the lead blocker which is something he has never done before and was definitely an issue when trying to establish Lynch early in the game.
  5. Special Teams was abysmal. The Seahawks not only gave up a Punt Return for a TD, but also gave up a 75 yard Kickoff return and the icing on the cake, a Fake Punt 4th down conversion deep in St. Louis territory that essentially iced the game for the Rams. You cannot give the other team that many points off special teams. At the same time the Rams ran 2 incredible fakes and deserve all the credit for executing those plays.
  6. Where was the Seahawks Pass Rush? It was non-existent in this game as Austin Davis wasn’t sacked and rarely had any pressure in his face. The reason Seattle’s D was so good last year was that they made you uncomfortable in the pocket with pressure but they haven’t been able to duplicate that pressure yet and as a result, teams are able to run zone beating routes and settle down and the QB can find them with ease. Seattle has to figure out a way to get more pressure on the Quarterback when they rush 4. Seattle has only 7 sacks through 6 games in 2014, while last season they had 16 through 6 games. A stark difference and a big reason as to why the legion of boom has yet to replicate the same type of success it had a year ago.
  7. Richard Sherman is the best CB in the game, and it really isn’t even close. Sherman does it all, and the most underrated part of his game is his ability and willingness to support in the run game and make sure tackles. Sherman also moved over to the right side (he primarily plays left side) and broke up a huge 3d down pass to Tavon Austin (the rams would fake the punt on the next play). Sherman is the ONE piece (along with Mebane) who has played up to the hype this season.
  8. Where has Earl Thomas been? The dynamic Free Safety has not been the difference making player that the Seahawks need him to be so far this season. He has missed numerous tackles, and has no interceptions or forced fumbles this season. Against the Rams he was late filling the hole on Cunningham’s TD run and rarely made an impact.
  9. The Seahawks pride themselves on Turnovers, one of the reasons there Defense was so Elite last season was their ability to force takeaways. They haven’t been able to do that this season. Through 6 games this season the Hawks have forced 5 turnovers. Last season through 6 games they forced 17! Taking the ball away is key to controlling the game through tempo and extra possessions to limit what the opposition can do and this season they haven’t been able to do that. Against St. Louis they weren’t able to force any turnovers and as a result the Offense wasn’t able to get that extra possession they needed to win the game.
  10. This is the adversity that the Seahawks haven’t faced yet. This is still a young team so how they handle what they are going through right now will be a big challenge for Pete Carroll. They travel across the country to Carolina next week to face the Panthers who like the Seahawks have not played up to their capabilities this season. This is the game that both teams will need to turn their season around. Seattle on the road will be in tough but if they can force a couple turnovers and keep Cam in the pocket they should put themselves in position to win the game.


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